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Penzias Digital is a highly experienced and professional web consulting agency dedicated to making smart technical decisions that bring design to life. We develop responsive, mobile-friendly websites that provide clean and cohesive user experiences. We combine our experience with your insights to create for you the most usable, functional, stable-yet-flexible, up-to-date website—delivered on schedule and on budget.

About Our Development Process

At Penzias Digital, we distinguish our development work by building on a foundation of six essential values:

1. Research and Interviews

We begin with an in-depth discovery: interviews and research customized for each Client, wherever you are in your process, whatever your institutional focus, whatever the scope of your project. We probe for—and listen carefully to—your objectives, priorities and values. These will drive not only the site we develop for you, but our entire interaction with you.

2. Consultation and Proactivity

We deliver the best possible website relative to your priorities. Often, that means asking why. You will find us inquisitive and proactive during all phases of your project—always making sure to raise questions that may affect development, functionality, design, or user experience down the road. Our process ensures that expectations are set before coding ever begins, and assures a high-quality, uniquely-tailored end product.

3. Infusing Best Practices

We emphasize web and coding best practices so that your site is highly responsive, SEO-friendly, secure, and easily maintained—not only by us, but by anyone else you may work with down the road. Our thorough planning and architecting uses both a peer review process and an automated review system to ensure the quality of our work for you.

4. Transparency and Education

Without exception, we are transparent. You will know the latest developments on your project, and hear about progress and pitfalls right away. We also pride ourselves on our teaching and support, making sure you are intimately familiar with the structure of your site, and enabling you to administer it with ease. We’ll bring this same openness to collaborating with your favorite design/IA/writing firms—you can confidently pair us up to form your Web Dream Team!

5. Drupal

As longtime web developers, we have experience working in diverse platforms, but we always return to Drupal as our preferred framework. We have found that Drupal can respond to virtually every Client need, whether it be simple or advanced, and that its open-source format provides superior flexibility, durability, and up-to-the-minute relevance. While we are open to working in any platform, we can also migrate any of your current sites to Drupal.

6. Niche Savvy

Visit our Client section on to see the diverse sector experience of our developers. Each engagement has required us to thoroughly understand the market niche of the Client, and to develop a site that provides a real competitive advantage in that niche. In fact, the principals of our firm have decades of experience marketing in highly complex professional sectors. As a result, we are well-suited to take on sophisticated web challenges that may be outside the reach of some mainstream development firms.

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Maintenance and Support

Penzias Digital is dedicated to your peace of mind. We want your website to bring you customers and engaged users, not headaches and traffic jams. We leverage the most stable operating systems, web servers, and cloud computing platforms with our competitively priced maintenance and support packages, so you can rest assured that you will be able to handle any challenge with ease.

Our Maintenance and Support services include:

  • Functionality troubleshooting
    • Consider us your fix-it shop if your site breaks down
  • Reworking outdated components
    • As technology changes, we help you to keep your site up-to-date with the most user-friendly and evidence-based advances
    • We leverage web services like Salesforce to enhance your website and make use of your current stored data
    • We upgrade your CMS or plug-ins
  • Patching and maintenance
    • We test and apply critical patches within 24 hours
    • When there is no immediate threat to your server, we patch at a mutually agreed time, based upon your traffic patterns and institutional needs
  • Training and documentation
    • We empower you to take care of your web investment with on-site training and easy-to-follow documentation
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Site Auditing

Budgets, time pressures, fast-changing technology—all of these factors and more can lead to maintenance shortcuts, site slow-downs and technical anachronisms that impact your productivity and market position. Our team of experts will perform an in-depth evaluation of your existing web properties and provide you with areas of improvement, proposed solutions, and an execution plan, no strings attached.

We believe in the power of your website to influence your success. That is why our experts insist on the same care and in-depth analysis we use in our development processes to evaluate your current website.

We research:

  • Your corporate mission and values
  • Your website history and scope
  • Your vision for an optimal web presence

We examine:

  • Site architecture and coding
  • Usability by site administrators
  • Customer interface and experience
  • Performance
  • Standards compliance
  • Sustainability
  • Supportability
  • Responsiveness
  • Site indexing (Page Not Found, Page Moved Permanently, and others)

We provide:

  • Detailed analysis
  • Thorough documentation
  • Comprehensive and budget-oriented recommendations
  • An execution plan
  • The option for additional support and development
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Web Marketing

Penzias Digital offers the advantage of its synergy with the Penzias Group’s marketing and strategy consulting divisions, whose principals have broad experience working with both highly specialized and highly visible institutions (see the client list here) We grow your site traffic, conversion rates, and brand value. We integrate email, social media and SEO programs with world-class websites, and provide you with a uniquely potent combination of savvy marketing strategy and high-end website execution.


We're proud to partner with some of Boston’s most respected web design firms to give you the full advantage of integrated design and development. Tap our network for world-class design services. Or, if you've already selected a design firm, bring us in early and we'll collaborate with them to find the fastest and most cost-efficient path to a high-impact, highly stable web presence. At every stage, we will serve as your chief advocate for possibilities, budget guidelines and timeframes, and as superior creative collaborators with your designer to fulfill your highest aspirations for your website.