Marketing Consulting

World-class marketing assets,
integrated campaigns and
outsourced marketing support

Marketing Consulting


Our principals are experts in marketing within complex niches, which requires precision targeting and conveying the value of advanced information to sophisticated professional audiences. This level of niche marketing is outside the reach of most mainstream marketing consultants, but each of us at The Penzias Group brings more than 20 years’ experience doing exactly this.

Research-driven Messaging

Most of our engagements begin with in-depth market research and interviews with Clients and their customers. We combine their insights with best practices in niche marketing to create messages that resonate strongly with target prospects. Then, in consultation with the Client, we polish and polish again to get to the most compelling articulation possible.

Integrated, World-Class Marketing Assets

From websites to sales collateral, across all manners of online, print and relationship marketing, we create world-class marketing communications that produce higher ROI than our Clients have achieved on their own. For larger or ongoing campaigns, we leverage multiple channels and infuse each element of the program with consistent messaging for maximum reinforcement.

Budget Optimization

For Clients who have a goal but not a budget, we'll determine the right level of investment for the opportunity given the Client's financial and strategic priorities. For Clients who already have a marketing budget, we identify ways -- typically quite a few of them -- to increase the ROI on that marketing spend.

Turnkey Marketing Leadership and Execution

We provide turnkey oversight and/or execution to Clients who have limited or no dedicated marketing resources. We pride ourselves on 100% on-time delivery of marketing programs, and on adding substantial value throughout the execution of those programs through the best practices we bring to the engagement.